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Let VLocity Group Experts Help

When you start your own trucking business it means a lot more than just going to the FMCSA website, trying figure out what they are asking for, and paying you $300. There is a lot of paperwork and dealing with one government agency after another.
VLocity Group authority experts can get you up and running faster and understand the tips and tricks to save you money. All while making sure you are educated on your ongoing compliance requirements.

No Headaches

We Work with ALL Government Agencies on Your Behalf.

Our Experts Educate

There is more to having a trucking company that filing all the forms and paying all the fees.

Beyond Compliance

We Are With You For the Long Haul.

Our Experts Educate

Where ever the load may take you, VLocity Group is more than your compliance company.  We go Beyond Compliance.

Audit Ready

Our Systems Keep You Organized and Audit Ready.

DOT Compliance Experts

We create and maintain drivers that are 100% audit ready and complete.  Our “Driver Whispers” handle it all.


Work With A Company That Educates

At our core we want to make sure people understand what is required of them in the trucking business. That is why education is one of our top priorities at VLocity Group.

Our industry experts blog about compliance, safety, business management, and other industry specific news.

We also provide free videos on setting up your company to how to manage your compliance yourself.  Not just a webinar designed to sell you on using us but ongoing training to help you run your business.

Simplify your safety programs with VLocity Group’s trucking compliance software.

  • Improved performance in compliance reviews
  • System alerts for expired or missing DQ documents

  • Significant decrease in time spent managing files

  • Quick and responsive customer service

  • A Reduction in DOT fines and penalties

Latest News

From what is happening with the DOT & FMCSA to tools to build a more profitable business.  VLocity Group is here to help you grow.