Trucking Authority

Starting Your Trucking Company

Complete Authority

Many companies that charge you file paperwork are not giving you the complete picture on what it will take to start your trucking company and be up a running in compliance.

It takes more than filing for you US DOT #, MC #, and BOC-3.

Get Your Own Authority

Not Asking The Right Questions

It is getting more and more complicated these days when it comes to filing for your authority. States are adding more requirements with no notice and the FMCSA is challenging changes at an increasing rate. And some changes require that the carrier stop operation with the FMCSA process your paperwork.

That is why before doing any new authority we want to talk with you.

  • What state you live in can have a big impact on what steps you need to take, how long it will take, and can double the cost of getting your own authority.

  • What are your future plans for your business?  Depending on the direction you are going with your business you may be better off with one business structure over another.

Let’s Talk

One of the main reasons that over 30% of authorities are filed incorrectly is that no one stops and asks questions and educates the new carrier on what they need to know. 

Even if you do not use us to get your own authority we want to talk.