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By The Numbers

By |December 11th, 2018|

By the numbers: Becoming gross margin focused Establishing a strategy for growth is the foundation for any sustainable business



Aaron Massey

“I recently ran into a major bind all of my own doing because of procrastinating and was fixing to be shut down ! I got hold of Lauren hood at the 11th hour and somehow she managed to straighten out the monumental mess I was in ! The deadline to get me from being shut down was June 28 ! She could’ve told me to take a hike but she worked it out somehow … I don’t know how but thank God she did it ! There is no way I could still be in this business without Lauren Hood at VLocity Group ! Oh and this isn’t the first time I’ve called with many a mess that she has fixed for me and also calmed me down and assured me she could fix the problems and has never failed ! Thanks Lauren and Bill ! Love you guys !”

Joseph Ali

“Hands down the best compliance team! Great for helping me get everything in order as a first timer! A+”