Best Rates on Filing

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At VLocity Group, our filing fees for UCR are significantly cheaper than others. If you do it yourself you can save that money.

Other companies charge significantly more.

Number Trucks UCR Fee VLocity Group JJ Keller Hoff Carrier Compliance
0 to 2 $59 $110   $354 $157 $159
3 to 5 $176 $240 $296 $247.50 $296
6 to 20 $352 $425 $646 $462 $501
21 to 100 $1,224 $1,425  $1,519 $1,531 $1,514
101 or over Call        

We understand that some people just want to have someone else handle these types of filings. As a former carrier we are not looking to take advantage of anyone and we charge to cover our credit fees and small processing fess.

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